In January 2016 I made a narrative game, Two Interviewees, during the Narrative Game Design course held by We Are Müesli in Bologna.

Within that course, there was a small game jam where four games were made in a single day. The theme of the mini jam was Simultaneous. The idea I worked on is that of two simultaneous job interviews, identical in questions and answers, given by two characters with a key difference: one is a man and the other is a woman.

The game looked interesting, so I put myself to work in the following weeks to make it publishable in a better format. I received precious help from the illustrator Emanuele Klemp (the first version was drawn by me with GIMP, I let you imagine the results), from Tania Ziegler and Phoebe Revolta who corrected the English translation, from @figuredisfondo who gave me excellent ideas and undertook a thorough test.

On February 14th I released it on and on the Play Store for Android. To my surprise, it’s going very well, at one stage it was even in the Top Ten on; some generous people have even made donations that I’m using to further promote the game. I received some really flattering reviews, frankly a bit too much for such a short and simple game.

It’s an obviously anti-sexist game, I think it was actually how it touched a chord in an unusual way that has generated some interest in Two Interviewees. Why don’t you take a look and let me know what you think?