Some posts on this website are in English, although the website’s main language is Italian.

Posts in English:

Review based on the Rules-Play-Culture model.

Review: Shear Panic

Review based on the Rules-Play-Culture model.

Review: Dungeon Bazar

Recensione basata sul modello Rules-Play-Culture.

Recensione: Dungeon Bazar

I made a tiny videogame, Trickle-Down Economics, for the anticapitalist game jam #GamesTransformed.

Trickle-Down Economics

I’m migrating old content for this website/closet from its previous embodiment.

Website being migrated

During the 2020 Spring pandemic, I’ve been invited to speak at an online meeting by IMT Madison, a Wisconsin branch of the International Marxist Tendency.

Italy: workers' struggles in the coronavirus crisis

In January 2016 I made a narrative game, Two Interviewees, during the Narrative Game Design course held by We Are Müesli in Bologna.

Two Interviewees

These are the reviews, published on In Defence of Marxism and Hands Off Venezuela, of the three parts of Patricio Guzmán’s film The Battle of Chile (La batalla de Chile) screened in London in 2008. I’ve been responsible for this series of screenings during Autumn 2008.

«The Battle of Chile»